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Numinous is a "mystical, magical, and artisanal" collection of jewelry from Award-winning designer/ photographer/cinematographer Simon Alcantara, whose artful film makes creative use of color negative cinematography and powerful images to communicate beauty, meaning, and timelessness.

Composer Ryszard Osada's modern Classical Music track, "Waves Of Feelings (1st Movement)," is an intricate and masterly composition for two marimbas. Its minimal and hypnotic sound perfectly complements Mr. Alcantara's evocative film: Waves of Feelings (1st Movement -Delayed Marimbas)

You can learn more about Simon Alcantara's jewelry here: 

Distinctive jewelry combining natural elements -- Appealing to the Higher Emotions...


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Mysterious, magical, and artisanal, the Numinous collection references the NuntiusDream Phase 1&2, and Alpha Pavonis collections that came before it. The collection combines feathers, spinel, rhodolite garnet, pink amethyst, turquoise, and diamonds with yellow, rose, and white gold as well as sterling silver.  


adjective nu·mi·nous \ˈnü-mə-nəs, ˈnyü-\

        : having a mysterious, holy, or spiritual quality

           :  supernaturalmysterious

:  filled with a sense of the presence of divinity :  holy

:  appealing to the higher emotions or to the aesthetic sense :  spiritual

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It’s unbelievable that the end of 2015 is here.  It was a year of tremendous movement, extreme experiences, and intense sensations. We made it through and I trust we have all grown from it.  I am wishing you a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones and a spectacular 2016.  Let’s make some magic.


One Love,


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Day 9. Notes from the future. My Japan diary, 11/22/15

Roppongi Midtown. 

Its hard to believe that that my schedule of personal appearances and trunk shows in Japan are over!  As usual it was a whirlwind.  I would like to thank Ms. Hono Uehara, Women's Fashion Director, and Mr Junji Tajima, President, as well as all the staff at Strasburgo Stores in Japan.  You always welcome me and make me feel like family.  Thank you as well to all the customers who come to see me year after year and allow me to live a creative life, you inspire me!

I'll have one day off before heading back to NYC. I'll spend the day visiting friends and doing some Christmas shopping.  Tomorrow for the last entry of My Japan Diary I will share with you some of my favorite spots in Tokyo.  

Until tomorrow,

Simon, xs

All photos by Simon Alcantara

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Day 8. Notes from the future, my Japan diary. 11/20/15

Happy to be back in Tokyo one of my favorite cities! We're at the Aoyama store for another day of trunk shows and client appointments.  Today was also the day to go over press clippings for December Holiday issues.  I was so happy and grateful to see there were so many! Thank you Strasburgo and thank you Japan for the wonderful support! 

Until tomorrow.

Simon, xs

Please visit the press page for details on the clippings below

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Day 7, Notes from the future. My Japan Diary, 11/19/15

Photo: By Yuu Iwahashi

Photo: By Yuu Iwahashi

Another day another city. This morning we arrived in Kobe, for our trunk show at the Strasburgo in the Daimaru shopping district.  All the luxury brands are well represented in this area.  I saw several of the customers that attended the Salon de Strasburgo in Osaka. It’s unanimous that a great time was had by all, and they fell in love with the collection.  Today they came to confirm and add to their orders!  It’s a great pleasure and honor to hear how much your customers appreciate your efforts. In Japan they truly understand putting your heart and soul into your work. I’m very grateful for that. 

Cheers Japan! Until tomorrow,

Simon, xs

Gold and diamond talismans by Simon Alcantara

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Day 6 Notes from the future. My Japan diary. 11/17/15

Kesenia, Wearing spinel and ostrich feather collar


This day had every second accounted for. Early morning bullet train journey to the Ritz Carlton Osaka, for the Salon De Strasburgo presentation of my new collections.  Set up in the Crystal room, briefing of the staff and run of show. VIP client appointments and party, after party, and finally dinner at XEX West with the Strasburgo team. All in all, a joyful and exciting day!

Until tomorrow!

Simon, xs

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Day #5. Notes from the future. My Japan diary. 11/16/15

Hand crafted Temari

Hand crafted Temari

This morning we flew to Fukuoka for the fourth day of trunk shows at Strasburgo stores. The day was filled with the joy of seeing friends, and the laughter and good vibes we always share together.  Oh yeah, and we sold some jewelry too!  I received the most beautiful Temari from my friend Yoko Nakamatsu.  Temari’s are highly cherished gifts as they symbolize friendship and loyalty. They are intricately crafted, and are visually stunning and colorful.  I was very moved by Yoko’s kindness and generosity. She was quite happy that I finally started using diamonds as it turns out it’s her birthstone. All that was missing was Marylin Monroe signing “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” 

Until tomorrow,

Simon, XS

Yoko Nakamatsu and Hono Uehara, Women's Fashion Director

Yoko Nakamatsu and Hono Uehara, Women's Fashion Director

All images by Simon Alcantarara

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Day #4. Notes from the future. My Japan diary. 11/15/15

My iPhone alarm rings at 6:00am, 6:15am, and finally at 6:30am.  This time I realize it is time to get up!  The usual (what city am I in today?) occurs, oh right I’m back in Tokyo.  Some yoga, and two hours of searching for music for the Numinous film. I shower and dress for my day.  The events in Paris, gratitude for my friends safety, and sadness for the tumultuous state of the world are all part of my morning. Next stop, the Strasburgo Aoyama store for another trunk show.  Appointments arrive back to back, some overlapping occurs, and joy to see customers I have not seen in a year.  Somehow we fit in lunch and a wonderful coffee break at the new Blue Bottle Coffee in Aoyama .  To my surprise and joy they have a gluten free, molasses, ginger and spice cookie.  Score!  Back to the store for the last round of appointments, packing up the jewels, and a delicious Yakitori dinner at Toriyoshi.  Tomorrow morning’s call time? 6:30am! Next stop: Fukuoka.  

Until tomorrow,

Simon, XS

Door detail next to the Strasburgo Aoyama store.

Door detail next to the Strasburgo Aoyama store.

All images by Simon Alcantara

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Day #3 Notes from the future. My Japan Diary. November 14, 2015 PARIS

Photo by: Anshar

Photo by: Anshar

"I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality... I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word." Martin Luther King Jr.

My third day in Japan I awake in Nagoya after a restful night sleep.  I go down to breakfast and minutes into sipping my coffee news of the attacks in Paris appears on the large flat tv screen in the hotel restaurant.  Everyone stops in their tracks with looks of shock and sadness in their eyes. The next hour and a half I spend texting, emailing, and messaging friends that live in Paris or travel there frequently. One by one as I start to hear news from them of being safe but terrified, I feel a mixture of relief that they're safe, sadness for their experiences , and heartbreak for humanity. Martin Luther King Jr.'s wise words bring me solace and I vow to continue spreading love and bringing beauty into the world until my last day on this planet.

Until tomorrow,

Simon, xs





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Day #2 Notes from the future. My Japan diary November 13, 2015

This time of year the drill is,  I wake up and it takes me a few minutes to remember what city I’m in.  Oh, that’s right I’m in Tokyo today! I meditate, drink some coffee and fit in a quick work out. At 8:00am I meet up with Hono Uehara the Women’s Fashion Director for Strasburgo stores and we head to Tokyo Station.  We take the Shinkansen aka the Bullet Train and we make our way to Nagoya for the first day of trunk shows at Strasburgo  in Midland Square.  The hour and a half trip consists of us catching up, talking about life, art, music, philosophy, and of course fashion. In between there is a lot of laughter.  We’ve known each other for many years, she understands my creative process completely and pretty much knows what I’m thinking before I speak.  

Prior to finishing the set up and staff briefing the first customer walks in and minutes later she places her order for several pieces from the StarChild and Numinous collections. It looks like we have a hit!  The hours pass quickly as we welcome customers through out the day. Before we realize it, it’s closing time and off we go for dinner and some sake! 

Until tomorrow,

Simon, xs

All images by: Simon Alcantara

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Day #1. Notes from the future. My Japan diary November 12-24, 2015

I arrived yesterday to one of my all time favorite countries in the world, Japan. I come yearly for my round of trunk shows with Strasburgo stores.  I landed in Tokyo a day early so that I could get my bearings and adjust to the time change. Yoga, including tons of head stands resets my circadian rhythm and I sleep twelve hours straight.  I awake bright eyed and bushy tailed to my first day off in weeks.  Those that know me well, understand that a day off most often doesn’t mean a day off at all.  I start off my day with 4 hours of video editing for the upcoming Numinous campaign film. Next, I head out to Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo to view the exhibit of Frank Ghery’s architectural models for the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris. It’s that magnificent building located in the Bois de Boulonges.  I am inspired by the innovation it took to build the structure and make a note to visit as soon as I get to Paris.

Tokyo is possibly the cleanest and most refined city in the world, and I notice that when I’m here, I move more gracefully.  I am always impressed by the impeccable manners of the Japanese people, Japan is my heaven!

Next stop, the Mori Art Museum in Roppongi Hills to view the Takashi Murakami 500 Arhats exhibit. More on that later, but first I need a coffee break. I sit down to have coffee and finally begin reading Anne Tammel’s Paper Angels (which I purchased weeks ago), while listening to Phillip Glass’ Quartet No. 3 “Mishima” my current musical obsession.  I had the pleasure of meeting Anne Tammel a few years ago at an intimate dinner for Joan Didion hosted by my dear friend Stephanie Lacava and her husband Bryan Weiss.  When reading one of the poems by the same title I began to have flash backs of 9/11 and her words brought back the memories but this time with beauty and grace replacing the terror I experienced that day.  I witnessed the second plane hit the tower and my life changed forever. Because of that experience and the healing that had to take place, I have learned to live without fear.  Reading Anne’s beautiful poem helped lay new memory tracks in my brain. 

Takashi Murakami’s 500 Arhats the Japan Times wrote: “For this exhibition, he makes postwar Japan the main theme as he brings together the country’s otaku culture (anime, manga, and more) with traditional Japanese art. His 2012 work “The 500 Arhats,” considered to be the largest painting in history (about 100 meters wide), is being shown in Japan for the first time and was originally produced as a way for Murakami to thank Qatar for providing aid to Japan soon after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.”

I was moved and inspired by the scale, intensity, and passion of this work.  It’s a must see!  

Until tomorrow,

Simon, xs

All images by Simon Alcantara

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What a Gem: Second CFDA jewelry showcase to take place on 10/26/15

Of the 500-plus CFDA Members, 79 are jewelry designers. That alone is enough impetus for the second CFDA Jewelry Showcase, which will take place at the CFDA on Monday, October 26.

The participating members are Angela Cummings who will show Angela Cummings for Assael; Ashley Pittman; Rony Vardi and Leigh Batnick Plessner for Catbird; Coomi Bhasin for Coomi; Dean Harris; Katrin Zimmermann for Ex Ovo; John Brevard; Mish Tworkowski for Mish New York; Nicholas Varney for Nicholas Varney Jewels; Paige Novick; Scosha Woolridge for Scosha; Sharon Khazzam; Brooke Garber Neidich for Sidney Garber; Simon Alcantara; Paige Dellavalle and Ashley Jung for Stella Valle; Stephen Dweck, and Cheryl Finnegan for VSA Designs.

The first CFDA Jewelry Showcase took place in 2013 and was created by CFDA Member Simon Alcantara and jewelry consultant Talya Cousins as a platform to generate exposure for the CFDA’s growing number of jewelry designers.

With the additional guidance of public relations consultant Blair Brindley, as well as jewelry designers Mish Tworkowski and Dean Harris, the CFDA Jewelry Showcase provides a platform for the participating CFDA designers to grow their businesses through both retail and editorial channels.

The CFDA also created an official Jewelry Committee to explore possibilities for business development, exposure and best practices that affect the industry as well as each designer’s individual business.

“With our significant and growing membership of jewelry designers, we saw the need for the Jewelry Showcase and Committee to enable us to better serve the designers and strengthen their influence and success in the global economy,” said Steven Kolb, President and CEO of the CFDA.

Simon Alcantara is the Committee’s Chairman, Mish Tworkowski its Co-Chairman and Dean Harris the Secretary.

“We aim to form a strong clear voice as CFDA Jewelry members that engenders community and creates a map for future members,” Alcantara said. “The meetings have been very fluid and as a member presents an issue, concern, or idea, they team up with other members that want to assist with finding solutions. Working in this way, we can address multiple issues at once, and we develop a strong unified voice.”

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